Full Certification Service

          Full certification(Tam Tasdik in Turkish) is the process where tax returns and accompanying financial documents are certified by sworn in certified public accountants, for taxpayers who are required to file yearly or corporate tax returns. With full certification process, accounts and financial tables of firms are evaluated, thus conducting a tax compliance audit.


          As Arıcı Bağımsız Denetim ve Yeminli Mali müşavirlik, our aim with the full certification service we offer is not only routine book and document control, but also the early detection of possible tax risks and the rapid communication of possible opportunities to our customers. At this point, our expert and experienced full certification audit team is committed to offering new opportunities to our customers and meeting all kinds of tax consultancy needs in a practical way.


                                    What are the benefits of receiving full certification service?


  • Tax and accounting transactions of taxpayers who have undergone full certification are checked in detail by certified public accountants in terms of tax legislation, auditing rules and standards, at certain periods during the year. Thus, taxpayers who receive full certification services have a lower risk of being subjected to tax audit and facing unexpected penalty assessments compared to other taxpayers.


  • Full certification service prevents possible tax and penalty assessments by ensuring that important errors that may arise during possible tax inspections to be carried out, by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Republic of Turkey , are detected and corrected in advance.


  • Declarations approved by sworn financial advisors and the financial reports attached to them are considered documents audited by the financial administration and tax inspection staff. Since businesses that receive full certification services are considered as inspected companies by tax inspectors, they are not subject to re-examination under normal circumstances unless there is a notice or similar special reason.
Full Certification Service Services
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